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Riverside Rescue Visual Id
Riverside Rescue brand mock ups

Riverside Rescue

Brand Id

Riverside Rescue, a distinguished authority in water safety, entrusted me with the task of crafting a comprehensive logo and a concise brand guideline. Their vision was to encapsulate the essence of their mission within the logo, drawing inspiration from an evocative work-site image featuring a safety technician poised beside a swiftly flowing river.

Having distilled the core concept into a refined logo design, I proceeded to craft a series of mock-ups, envisioning how this emblematic symbol could be impeccably translated onto various mediums such as apparel, including shirts, hoodies, and essential gear.

This meticulous attention to detail serves a dual purpose: not only does it imbue Riverside Rescue's on-site presence with a compelling and cohesive brand identity, but it also ensures their readiness to spring into action when the need arises.

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