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graph·ic de·sign·er

noun: graphic designer

A person who has the ability to create effective and creative solutions using typography, branding, and visual elements.
“My name is Matthew Hillar and I am a graphic designer.

and welcome to my portfolio.


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headshot of current owner/operator of MH Design co
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  • I start by gathering a comprehensive client brief or project requirements. It's crucial to understand the client's business, goals, target audience, and values.

  • I conduct thorough research into the industry, competitors, and design trends to gain insights and inspiration.

Find out the clients problem and ways to solve it.

Client Brief & Reserch

  • I translate my sketches into digital format using design software like Adobe Illustrator, and I meticulously refine and iterate on my designs, paying close attention to details such as typography, color, and scalability.

  • Experimenting with different color palettes and typography options is an essential part of finding the perfect visual identity.

Design, refine, sleep, repeat...


  • I collaborate closely with the client, sharing my initial design concepts for their feedback. Listening to their input is crucial, and I'm always open to making necessary revisions based on their preferences and suggestions. I iterate on the design, incorporating client feedback while ensuring the logo maintains a strong and effective visual identity.

...Are we getting warmer with this look? How about now?


  • Once the client is satisfied with the design, I prepare the final logo in various file formats suitable for different applications, whether it's for print, web, or social media. I deliver the logo files to the client and provide comprehensive guidelines on logo usage, including minimum size, clear space, and various color variations.

The finish line is near and everybody's happy :)


  • I brainstorm ideas and sketch rough concepts on paper. This phase allows me to explore various design directions while keeping the project's objectives and research findings in mind. Creating preliminary sketches of potential logo designs helps me visualize my ideas.

Start the pen to paper process and leave no idea behind


I create custom logos and branding guidelines so you have consistent branding through all platforms, wherever you take your brand.

From landing pages to full e-commerce sites, I've got you covered

I can help with all types of design projects like banners, posters, letterheads, business cards and even social media posts.

With the growing vinyl wrap market, vehicle wraps are a great way of advertising. Let me help your brand stand out with custom vehicle graphics

Logo Design for MODA Apartments
Logo Design for Full Throttle Haulers
Logo design for Mrs. TK Valentine
logo example on product
website displayed across different screens
Esports logo Discowarlock
design mock up with logo
logo mock up
beer can design mock up

Interested in working together?

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